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"I’m so grateful to have found Ana for my Spanish lessons. I joined one of her adult group lessons where I brushed up my Spanish skills, learned about everyday life and the culture in Spain, had lots of opportunity to talk about my own life/ideas and always laughed and enjoyed myself.

Her lessons are appropriately challenging and her manner is warm and inviting. Ana is a gem of a teacher, I highly recommend her."

Rachel, USA

"I learned to speak Spanish with Ana. She makes it such fun!!! I met new Spanish friends, can order a meal, ask for directions, get help in the supermarket all in Spanish! Let Ana inspire you. Call her today!"


David, UK


"Ms. Ana has been our instructor for almost five years. When we began spanish we were at the first level but with her guidance and support that quickly changed. Living and going to school in Spain as Americans was very challenging but having Ms. Ana as an instructor made our adjustments so much easier. Her lessons were easy to follow and we continue to learn even after returning to the States."

Rah and Jah, USA

"Excellent spanish teacher, amazing knowledge and great style. For anyone wanting to learn this great language she comes HIGHLY recommended!"

Tony, UK

 "Ana is simply magical! She is a gift to all the students who are lucky enough to work with her. Ana has taught many of our WorldSchool Hub kids (of all ages ) and their parents over the last 3 years and has been a hit with each and every one of them. Ana is everyone’s favourite teacher and I am proud to have her as part of our Hub. Lessons with Ana are always fun and full of laughter as well as excellent guidance on the journey to speaking and understanding Spanish. Ana is endlessly patient, always creative in her approach and full of enthusiasm and support for all our participants and continues to teach many of them online even after they have left Andalucia on their next adventure. Worldschooled, Homeschooled and Unschooled kids particularly need someone who understands their lifestyle and their individual ways of learning, and Ana is that person….thank you Ana for all you do for our WorldSchool Hub kids and their parents! You are a gem!"


Elin Morgan

Director & Owner WorldSchool Hub Andalucia/WorldSchool Hubs